Looking at Another Blog

While doing research, I’ve been looking at other blogs for reference. I found it difficult to find one that was more specific than a basic nutrition blog, but after some digging, I came across Renal Diet HQ. It’s full of great, accurate information about CKD and the renal diet and it’s presented in a format that’s really easy to understand.

There are posts that range from general FAQ’s to eating on the go with a pre-dialysis diet. Most blog posts are written with a numbered list format, making it easy to get the general information while then leaving it up to the readers for how in depth they want to go. Mathea Ford, the woman behind the blog (who is also a registered and licensed dietitian–much more credible than myself!), also utilizes different text sizes to really call to attention the more important information over the less important. Even the older posts with no pictures are still visually engaging because of how interesting the text looks.

My favorite part of this blog, though, aside from its simple format and good writing, is that it is more than a blog. It is also website with recipes and links to more information about renal diets. The only criticism I can offer is the overuse of marketing for the products (cookbooks, diet plans, etc.) it’s trying to sell, but if you ignore those it’s a great resource.

I’m definitely going to be using this as a reference in my coming posts. I’ve been struggling with the balance between my writing being so boring or so medical that it becomes disengaging and my writing not being informative enough, so hopefully this can lend a few tips. I’m glad I came across this resource! I’ll be forwarding it to my dad tomorrow for him to check out.

Here’s the link again:  Renal Diet HQ


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